About Us

In the 1970’s our family began producing red cedar shakes and shingles. In time we began milling export grade lumber. In the 90’s the yen crashed and much of the export business disappeared. Like most of the lumber industry, we were in recovery. That’s where Slice Recovery was born.

Slice Recovery was initially a salvage log yard on Prince of Whales Island in Southeast Alaska and focused on making slicer cants and timbers from Alaskan Yellow Cedar for export overseas, while still maintaining a log yard and unsurpassed quality cedar mill in Coquille, Oregon. As time went on all production and milling was consolidated to our mill and log yard in Oregon. We then transitioned from overseas markets to our local markets believing that milling materials that are locally sourced and shortening the distance product traveled would be most sustainable going forward. Today, we are passionate about our products and strive to produce meaningful relationships with the people who use them.


Tim Bones

Tim has four decades in the salvage logging and lumber industry. Tim always says, "Its the people i get to work with that make the business special, not just our products”.


Gerald Bones

TGerald is the next generation of Slice Recovery. Graduating from Portland State University in 2007, Gerald has brought dedication to specialty wood products founded through his own passion for woodworking. An avid cabinet maker, musician, and environmental steward.

Our Family of Business

This business is our life’s work and our family’s legacy. Tim and Mrs. Bones are still very much involved in the day to day activities of the mill.

Gerald Bones represents the next generation of our family’s business. Together we share the same philosphy; building things that last a lifetime. We’re eager to see what the future holds for our company. One thing is for certain; it is and always will be a family affair.