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Rooted in specialty materials

We specialize in unusual and exotic materials. If you have a need for Port Orford Cedar, Myrtlewood, Madrone, Tanoak, Alder or other specialty lumber, we can mill the perfect product for your project.

Made to order

Whether your restoration project demands that you match decades old materials or you just want something completely unique in your home, we can customize the perfect look for you. We’re happy to adapt to specialized small mill runs.

Flooring Fencing and Siding

We’re your source for beautiful exotic wood flooring, fencing and siding for significantly less money than lumber yards and big box stores. Are you looking for myrtlewood, madrone, tanoak or alder flooring? What about Port Orford cedar fencing? Lap or beveled siding? He have it all in standard or custom sizes.


We commercially produce quality firewood from locally sourced materials to include both soft wood like Douglas Fir, and Hardwood to include Oak, Western Maple, Myrtlewood for long lasting burn times. Have a retail yard? Call us for bulk palletized or bundled firewood products!

We’re Commited to sustainability

Some may feel that a forest products company can’t actually care about the environment. For us, we couldn’t imagine it any other way. We’ve taken the long view. We’ve been in love with the woods for generations. We want nature's precious beauty to be thriving for our children and grandchildren. That’s why we consider the impact of everything we do. Even our sawdust gets used as biofuel and given to local farms for use. We believe in end to end sustainability.